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A Forgotten Past

bye, Cassie

(Part 1)

Only a few days earlier, a woman carrying her first unborn child had sat in a chair in her small house, wondering what her child would grow up to be. She had wanted one so badly, and now her wish was finally being granted. Miyabita lived on a planet in the Other World, a place separate from the other places of the universe. The race that lived on this planet was the only race that lived in the Other World, except for those who had journeyed there after death. Her dreams stretched far for her child, hoping that it would grow up to be smart, handsome, and not lacking common sense. As of yet, she didn’t know whether this child of hers was to be a boy or girl. She wouldn’t mind which she received, as long as it was her own.

Evening fell onto a spring day almost a week later. The only difference with this evening apart from the others was that a child was being born to a lower class family. Keikan paced one of the small rooms of his house. Two emotions filled his heart; one of excitement that he was now a father, and the other of fear, fears that he might lose the one he loved so dearly or the one he hasn’t yet known. He ran his hand through his short white hair as he looked at the time. The sun was barely visible now, and he became nervous on how long it was taking. He decided to sit down on a chair and try to calm himself down.

Suddenly the cry of a baby made him jump to his feet. He hurried over to the bedroom door and listened to the cry. The door opened to his surprise. The midwife stepped out with a smile on her face. “Congratulations, Mr. Touten,” she said. “You’re a father of a baby boy.”

A smile spread across Keikan’s face. “And my wife?” He asked with hope.

“You’re wife is tired, but fine,” she said. “Go in and see.”

Keikan went into the room to see his wife sitting up in bed, holding a small white bundle in her arms. He looked at her smiling face and sat down beside her. He kissed her cheek gently, and then looked down at his new son. The child’s black eyes opened to look at his father. Already he resembled much of his mother. His skin was a lighter purple than his father’s, but darker than his mother’s, for hers was on the peachy side. His ear’s came to point like all the people of his race. And the little hair that he had on his head was white. Keikan looked at the baby and touched his little hand with one finger. The baby squirmed in his mother’s arms, wishing to be left alone.

Miya smiled and kissed her son’s head softly. “What shall we call him?” She asked her husband.

“Whatever you’d like,” he replied.

“Then I shall call him Migikai,” she said happily as she rocked the baby slowly in her arms.

* * *

A month had passed since the birth of Migikai, or Kai as his parents called him. He now had much more white hair on his head. Though he had his father’s hair color, he looked more and more like Miya. Miya brushed her long light blue hair slowly. The cry of her son made her smile. She got up to tend to him. He laughed when she leaned over his crib. The smile on his face was so cheerful that it would make anyone smile back. She picked him up and cradled him in her arms. “Is Kai hungry? Or do you just want some attention,” Miya said to him.

Keikan appeared in the doorway of the room. He had brought home a teddy bear for his son. Kai reached for the bear as his father held it above him. Both parents laughed as Kai held the bear after taking it from his father. “He’s a strong little guy, isn’t he?” Keikan said to his wife.

“He is,” Miya said. She left to the kitchen and brought back a bottle of milk. Holding Kai with one arm, she gave him the bottle. He took it greedily and it wasn’t long before he finished it. Miya placed the bottle on the floor and put Kai over her shoulder to burp him.

On a planet several miles from where the Touten family lived, the ruler of the universe, Dai Kaioshin, sat on a chair in the garden of his mansion. Dai Kaioshin was a kind-hearted man. His heart was just as big as he was. For some time now, he had had the problem of finding a replacement for one of the other gods, who was ready for retirement. He had already found replacements for North and South Kaioshin, who had already taken their place among the gods of the universe. And the new West Kaioshin, though she was still very young, was already in training. However, a suitable person hasn’t been found for East Kaioshin. He had been a Kaioshin for almost 165,000 years and now it was time to move on.

Dai Kaioshin himself had only been a god for 10,000 years. He sat quietly eating some sweets that he had sent for. Just then, a trustworthy servant walked up to him and bowed. “What is it?” Dai Kaioshin asked with his mouth half full.

“Dai Kaioshin, sir,” the servant replied. “I was on the Kaio planet earlier today, and I passed a house.”

“So what? There are many houses on planet Kaio.”

“But I felt a larger power than usual, sir. And I think it was coming from that house, for when I left I didn’t feel it anymore.”

“Was it an evil power?” Dai Kaioshin asked, putting another cookie in his mouth.

“No, sir. I’m not as good as you are on this, but I think it was good.”

Dai Kaioshin wasn’t going to look into this, until he saw East Kaioshin making his way across the walkway. “I’d like you to bring me to this house,” he said.

Keikan opened the front door of his house when he heard a knock. Though he had never seen any of the gods, he knew that this was one of them. “Good afternoon,” the man said with a cheerful voice. “My name is Dai Kaioshin…”

“Dai Kaioshin!” Keikan immediately bowed. “Forgive me, I didn’t know it was you.”

“No need,” Dai Kaioshin said. “My servant here has informed me of a larger than normal power coming from this house. I feel it too, now that I’m here. But I don’t think it is you. Does anyone else live with you?”

“Only my wife and infant son,” Keikan replied.

“May I see them?”

“Of course, please come in.” He stepped aside as Dai Kaioshin and the servant walked in. “Follow me.”

Miyabita looked up from her book as they walked in. “ Keikan, who are they?”

“This is my wife, Miyabita. Miya, this is Dai Kaioshin.”

“Dai Kaioshin,” Miya bowed, “what brings you to our house?”

“I came to see the one with the power that I’ve been told of,” Dai Kaioshin said. “And I can already tell that neither of you are the one. May I see your son?”

“He’s taking a nap, but yes, I’ll get him.” Miya walked quickly down the hall. She soon returned with a half-awake Kai.

Dai Kaioshin smiled as he looked at the baby. “What is his name?”

“Migikai,” Miya said.

Dai Kaioshin could sense that this wasn’t an ordinary child. He asked if he might hold him and he took the baby in his arms. Kai didn’t make a sound as the god held him. “Yes, he’s the one…” Dai Kaioshin said.

“What do you mean?” Keikan asked.

“Mr. and Mrs. Touten,” Dai Kaioshin started. “I have found the one I’ve been searching for.” Kai’s parents looked at each other. “I’m sorry to bring you such news, but I wish to take your son.”

“But why?” Miya asked in shock.

“I’m afraid I cannot tell you. His power is very large for his age. However, because he is so young, I will allow you to keep him until his first birthday. On that day, I will return, so please be prepared. Good day.” Dai Kaioshin bowed and showed himself out of the house.

Kai’s parents looked at the doorway, not knowing what to think. “Why does he want our son? What will he do with him?” Miya asked her husband.

“I don’t know…we’re not bad people, and Kai is too young to think for himself.”

“Only a year…” Miya said to herself.

* * *

Eight months had passed since Dai Kaioshin made his visit to the Touten household. Young Migikai was just learning how to walk, for the Kaio race matures much quicker than most other races. Miya sat on the kitchen floor urging Kai to come to her. He was standing on his two small feet and looking right at her. “Come on, you can do it.” Miya held up Kai’s teddy bear. Kai giggled and tried to make his way over to her. He fell down only once, but got back up to his feet and finally reached his mother. “Good boy!” Miya said happily. “What a big boy you are!” She looked at the calendar hanging on the wall. Marked in red was lettering that said Kai’s first birthday. A sad feeling came over her, for she only had a few more weeks left of being with her son.

The day had arrived. Migikai was a year old now, and soon the god would be back for him. Keikan and Miya sat at the table with Kai sitting in his highchair. “I can’t believe it’s time…” Miya said softly.

“I know,” Keikan replied. “Ten months have gone by so quickly. I can’t believe our son was born a year ago.”

Just as Miya was about to make a comment, someone knocked on the door. Standing on the doorstep was the servant that had accompanied Dai Kaioshin that day. “I have come for the child,” he said.

“Where is Dai Kaioshin?” Keikan asked.

“I’m afraid he could not come,” the servant explained. “He gave me this to prove my identity.”

Keikan took the paper from him. The paper said that this was the servant of Dai Kaioshin and that he has come to take the son of Touten Keikan. “When will Dai Kaioshin be done with him?” Keikan asked.

“I’m afraid you’ll never see your son again. And I’m sorry to say that I don’t know anything more than that.” Miya could feel her heart sink. She didn’t know that she’d never see her beloved son again. “Where is the child?” The servant asked.

Miya picked the baby up and held it to her. She glanced up at the servant. “My little boy, I’ll love you forever…” Keikan came over and put his hand on the baby’s soft white hair.

“It’s time,” the servant said. Miya gave Migikai one last kiss on his head and handed him over to the servant. “We’ll take good care of him,” he assured the heartbroken parents. Kai started crying as the servant walked out the door. Keikan put his arm around his wife’s shoulder as she sobbed as quietly as she could.

* * *

Soon the servant returned to Kaioshinkai. He presented the baby to Dai Kaioshin. The god held the baby in his arms. “Well little guy,” he said. “You’re about to begin the biggest life anyone can lead. Whatever name you were called, you must forget it. You will be called Shin until I say otherwise. You’re to forget your parents for you’ll never be able to see them again.” The baby listened to the god with tear filled eyes. Not even Dai Kaioshin knew if the boy understood what he was being told, but in time it wouldn’t matter.

Later that night, Dai Kaioshin met with East Kaioshin. “So he will be my successor?” The elderly god asked.

“Yes. It’s a shame that I had to take him away from his parents so young, but if he was any older it would’ve been much harder to erase the memories of his parents.”

“Do they know what he’s here for?”

“No. I couldn’t tell them. I’m sure they think he was taken away because his power was a sort of evil. I only wish I could have told them that their son is about to become a god.”

* * *

Eleven more years passed. The boy called Shin was growing well. As Dai Kaioshin wanted, he doesn’t remember anything about his parents or where he came from. The Kaioshins had begun Shin’s training when he was three. Now Shin was twelve years old and already he had learned a lot of becoming a god. He knew basic fighting skills and was able to locate power levels of other people. His hair was cut to grow into a mohawk like all the Kaioshins have their hair.

Shin had been training with East Kaioshin since he was three years old. The elder god taught him how to read another’s mind, how to teleport, and how to locate powers.

“Stand up straight, Shin,” East Kaioshin was constantly reminding the young boy. “If you are to be a Kaioshin, you are to act like one.”

“Then why don’t you stand up straight?” Shin asked innocently.

“Because I’m an old man who has trouble with his back. Now continue with your meditation.”

Everyday Shin would go out to the meadows of Kaioshinkai and meditate as he was taught to do. He did so until someone found him and continued his training. The other Kaioshins were fond of the young boy. West Kaioshin the elder and her successor thought he was attractive, as he grew older. North and South Kaioshin enjoyed the sparring matches they had with Shin and Dai Kaioshin himself was pleased that he was learning so quickly.

“He’ll be ready by the time he’s twenty,” Dai Kaioshin said to East Kaioshin.

“Good. My back hurts me more and more everyday,” East Kaioshin laughed.

Shin lay on his back with his arms under his head looking at the purple sky and the planets that were visible. He sighed and closed his eyes. He could sense that Shina, the one who would take West Kaioshin’s place, coming to him.

“Are you here again?” She asked.

“Yup,” Shin said without opening his eyes.

Shina sat down next to him. “You come here everyday. Why?”

“Why not? I like it. Gives me time to think.”

“About what?”


“Then why think?”

Shin opened his eyes and turned his head towards her. “Why do you ask me questions?”

Shina shrugged her shoulders. “Guess what!”


“Dai Kaioshin said that I’ll be ready in a couple of years to take West Kaioshin’s place.”

“That’s not fair,” Shin said quietly.

“What’s not fair?”

“Why do you get to become a god before me? I’m stronger.”

“So what? You’re also younger than I am, by seven years.”

“Yeah, but that isn’t right.” Shin sat up and looked down the hill. “You know what I was thinking?”

“Do you want me to find out by reading your mind?” Shina asked.

“No. I was thinking of traveling to some other planets when I’m a Kaioshin. You know, see what’s out there in the universe I’m supposed to protect.” He looked over to Shina. “Wouldn’t that be fun?”

“I guess.” Shina looked up. They both could hear Shin’s name being called.

“Okay, got to run.” Shin flew off to where Dai Kaioshin sat waiting for him.

Dai Kaioshin sat on a stone bench. “Okay, Shin. I want you to fight Sylmar here.”

Shin looked up to see a large man. Shin’s hair came up to Sylmar’s knees. “Him?” Shin asked.

“Yes. I want to see how far you’ve gone with your training. Begin.” Sylmar attached the young boy with his fist. Shin jumped up into the air and landed behind him. He jumped up and put his foot into Sylmar’s back, sending the large man flying across the field. He got back up and ran to the boy with everything he had. He swung his leg only to be stopped by Shin’s arm. Shin used all of his strength to hold off his opponent, and finally he was able to duck under the man’s leg and fly behind him. Sylmar looked around, but the boy was nowhere to be seen. Just as he was about to ask where he went, Shin appeared in his face sending his knee into the man’s stomach and his fist into his face. Sylmar was sent straight into a tree.

“Well, done Shin,” Dai Kaioshin said. “You’re stronger than I thought you were. Very good.”

“Thank you sir.” Shin sat on his knees out of breath. Though he had defeated Sylmar, he did it using most of his power. “Would you mind if I take a break?”

“Not at all. You’ve earned it this time.”

When Shin was twenty years old, he was once again asked to fight a fighter to test his ability. Shin had fought many people, but none like this. Dai Kaioshin snapped his fingers and a folding chair appeared. He sat down and snapped his fingers again to make a glass of lemonade appear in his hand. Shin waited next to him and looked at a man that was much taller than he was. The man stood about seven feet tall and had long, brushed back, white hair. His skin was pink and his ears were pointy signifying that he was a Kaio; also because he didn’t have a halo over his head. Though his face looked stern, Shin could tell that his heart was not evil.

“Shin, this is Kibito,” Dai Kaioshin said. “Kibito is a servant to the Grand Kai. He is one of the strongest Kaios there are and he has agreed to fight you.”

Shin, though he had grown a little since he was twelve, was still very short compared to Kibito. The stern faced man looked down at the boy. “Begin!” Dai Kaioshin said. Shin hovered in the air as he and Kibito threw punches at the other. Kibito realized that Shin’s speed was very fast, and that even he might lose to the boy. Shin swung one large punch. He disappeared as soon as he hit the palm of Kibito’s hand. Kibito could sense Shin coming up behind him and blocked his attack.

Shin landed on the ground trying to think of a way to trick his opponent. This time Kibito came after Shin and he swung his fist. Shin ducked and moved backwards as he dodged Kibito’s attacks. Kibito swung his fist again and Shin disappeared and quickly moved behind him. He kicked Kibito in the back and the great warrior fell to his knees from the force. Just as he was about to get back to his feet, Shin was in his face. The soon to be god made two small energy balls in his hands and fired them into Kibito’s shoulders. The energy balls pushed the large pink man back, causing him to make a dig in the ground. Shin landed on his feet and looked at the long stretch of dirt in front of him. Kibito stood up, catching his breath. Shin stood in a fighting position.

As Kibito took a few steps towards his opponent, Shin lunged at him, preparing to send the mighty fighter another one of his fists. Kibito used his arms as a shield and closed his eyes. After moment, he opened them to see no one in front of him. He let down his guard, but at the moment Shin was coming down from above him. The young fighter’s foot came in contact with the side of Kibito’s face. The man went sailing past Dai Kaioshin and the other four Kaioshin’s that were watching as well.

Dai Kaioshin looked behind him to see Kibito slowly getting up. He stood up and turned back to Shin who stood in place catching his breath. “That’s enough,” Dai Kaioshin said. “Shin, you have proven that you’re strong. You have defeated Kibito as far as I can see. If East Kaioshin agrees, you are ready to take his place.”

Shin eased up and smiled. He walked over to where the other Kaioshins stood. East Kaioshin made his way to the front. “I approve. You’re stronger than I am, so there’s no use of me staying.”

“Good,” Dai Kaioshin said with a happy expression. “Thank you Kibito for your time.”

Kibito bowed at the gods. “Congratulations,” he said to Shin.

“Thank you, Kibito. That was a good fight,” Shin replied with another smile. And with that Kibito teleported back to the Grand Kai’s planet.

Later that day, Shin stood before Dai Kaioshin and the other Kaioshins. “Shin, you have completed the training you need to become a Kaioshin. You have mastered the skills needed to fight, learned how to do things that only a Kaioshin is allowed to do, and you have grown to be a fine young man. If you yourself feel that you are ready, we will grant you the full power a Kaioshin has. Are you ready?”

Shin quickly looked over to the other Kaioshins. “Yes, Dai Kaioshin. I am ready.”

“Good. East Kaioshin,” Dai Kaioshin called.

The old man approached young Shin and placed his hand on his shoulder. “Thank you my boy. Now I can finally rest these old bones of mine.” He focused his energy and gave Shin his remaining power. A small glow surround Shin’ body, leaving as quickly as it appeared. Then a golden halo appeared over East Kaioshin’s head. “Alright,” he said. “I’m off. Good luck, boy.” East Kaioshin’s image faded until he was gone.

“Now there’s only one more thing you need.” Dai Kaioshin raised his hand above Shin’s head and another ray of gold energy surrounded his body. Shin could feel the power and gasped as more of it came. When Dai Kaioshin took his hand away, Shin looked over himself. He no longer wore the clothes he had been wearing. Instead, he wore a long blue vest that came to a point behind his knees on top of a bluish-gray shirt that was puffy at the shoulders. His pants were the same color and on his feet were red boots. Around his waist was an orange sash that fell behind him and came to another point as the vest did. From his ears he could feel the unusual wait of gold earrings.

“That is the outfit of a Kaioshin. The power I gave you is the power of life. Though you will grow old at some point, you will live for thousands of years, unlike the other people of the Kaio race. There are only two ways you can die. One is if another being kills you or if you give your life like East Kaioshin did for you,” Dai Kaioshin said. “Shin is no longer your name. You are the Kaioshin of the East.”

Part 2