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A Forgotten Past

By, Cassie

(Part 2)

Many years had passed since Shin became East Kaioshin. He enjoyed being a god, and didn’t mind the responsibilities that much. Though he considered the other Kaioshins his friends, East Kaioshin didn’t know anyone else. The people that had come to fight him during his training had left as quickly as they came. Other than them, East Kaioshin knew no one else.

East Kaioshin sat up against a tree on Kaioshinkai. He watched the clouds’ reflection on a lake in front of him. For a week now East Kaioshin had been bored. Nothing of any interest was taking place in the east universe, so there was nothing for him to do. As he sat and did nothing, an idea came to him. He had heard about the Kaio planet where all of the gods had come from. As soon as the idea came to him he teleported to where Dai Kaioshin sat.

Dai Kaioshin looked up from his lunch. “What’s wrong, East Kaioshin?”

“Nothing,” East Kaioshin said. He put his hands behind his back. “Dai Kaioshin, would it be a problem if I took a small trip to the Kaio planet?”

“Why would you want to go there? There’s nothing exciting there.”

“I’m bored, to tell you the truth. I just want to go somewhere. I came from there, right?”

“Well, yes…”

“So I just want to see what my birthplace is like. Nothing more.”

Dai Kaioshin put his fork down and leaned back in his chair. “You know, that does sound interesting,” a woman’s voice said. The two looked over to see West Kaioshin sitting on air. “A trip to the Kaio planet would be different. I say we all go there for a day.”

“Well…” Dai Kaioshin started. “I guess so. I’m sure North and South Kaioshin will want to go along too, so be sure to let them know.”

“Thank you Dai Kaioshin.” East Kaioshin bowed and disappeared to find the others.

The next day, the four Kaioshins teleported to the Kaio planet. East Kaioshin looked at the area they came to. They seemed to have appeared in an ally of a town. The four walked to the entrance where they came to a town market. Hundreds of people were either selling or buying items at little stands that were set up here and there. The gods walked through the streets. Anyone who noticed them stared as they walked by. North Kaioshin stopped when he saw fishing poles for sale. The others continued on their way down the street. East Kaioshin looked at the different people. Most of them resembled him.

North Kaioshin caught up to them with a fishing pole in his hand. “This is remarkable craftsmanship,” he said. “It has all these little things carved into it…”

“North, it’s a fishing pole,” West Kaioshin said. The others laughed.

They turned onto another street and something caught East Kaioshin’s eye. He stopped and looked at beautiful little hand carved boxes on display at a stand. He saw one that had vines and flowers carved all over. It was painted a number of different colors and had little gems glued on here and there. The god gently picked it up and turned it around in his hands.

The owner of the stand turned around when he noticed the short purple man. “Do you like it?” He asked kindly.

“It’s very beautiful,” East Kaioshin replied. “Did you make this?”

“Yes. I carve them and my wife paints them. The one in your hand is one of a kind. That’s the only one I have with gems on it.” At first the stand owner didn’t pay much attention to the customer. However, for a moment he could’ve sworn he knew him.

“Keikan, I brought you some rolls,” a woman said coming in from the back of the stand. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t see you had a customer,” she said. As she placed the food on the table, she took a double take at this customer.

“How much is it?” East Kaioshin asked.

“I’m afraid it’s quite expensive. Around 2,000 zeni.”

The stand owner’s wife listened as her husband spoke to the customer. Though she had never met the man, she recognized the voice. He sounded like her husband sounded when he was young. She looked at him through the corner of her eyes as she fixed the display. She knew it was impossible, but she thought he looked like her son. He had the same purple skin and the same black eyes. And though his hair was white like her son’s, the mohawk style wasn’t his.

East Kaioshin placed the box down. “I’ll take it. It’s not often I get to leave my home, so I’d like to remember my trip with something.”

“Miya, wrap this up for the man.” Keikan handed his wife the box and took the money from the customer. “Sir, this is more than what the box was worth…”

“You can keep it. I thank you for your help. You deserve this for your talent.”

“Thank you.” When the man reached over to take his purchase, Keikan couldn’t help but notice the garments that he wore. “Sir, may I ask where you’re from? The outfit you wear looks very familiar to me.”

“I am from Kaioshinkai. Good day, Mr. Touten.” East Kaioshin bowed his head slightly and walked off.

Keikan stood there in disbelief. “What’s wrong?” Miya asked him.

“I never told him my name.”

“But how could he possibly know that your name was Touten?”

“He said he was from Kaioshinkai…that means he must be a god. That would explain how he was able to give me more money for the box.”

Miya sighed. “Well, that shoots that theory out the window.”

“What theory?”

“When I looked at him, I could have sworn he was Migikai. But if that man is a Kaioshin, then there’s no way.”

East Kaioshin met up with the other gods. “What did you get?” West asked him.

“This beautiful box. I’ll show you later. It has all of these hand carved flowers in it and jewels.”

“A box? So lets see…we’re going home with a fishing pole, a box, a fighting bow, and perfume? Dai Kaioshin should be impressed with this.” They laughed as the teleported back to Kaioshinkai.

Later that night on the Kaio planet, the stand owner and his wife returned home. Keikan left to take a hot bath, and Miya went to her bedroom. She pulled a dusty box from under her bed and opened it. Inside was a photo album labeled “Migikai’s First Year.” She opened it and looked at the first picture. The picture was of her holding her son after he was just born. She turned the page and she saw him sitting on the floor with a big smile on his face. A tear rolled down her face as she continued, but the book didn’t go any farther after the picture of Migikai on his first birthday.

* * *

A few years passed. Up until now, the universe was fairly quiet and peaceful. However, a massive force was going around to different planets, killing the people and destroying the planet. The Kaioshins knew about one of the many attacks, but never found out about any of the others.

The day was clear and quiet. East Kaioshin lay in the grass reading a book. As he turned the page he could hear shouting coming from the front of him. He looked over his book and saw South Kaioshin chasing West Kaioshin. In her hand was a rice ball. South Kaioshin loved those things and would do anything for one. East Kaioshin laughed and sat up a bit to watch.

West Kaioshin giggled and held the rice ball over the edge of the cliff. South Kaioshin held out his hands, but West threw the ball over the edge. South Kaioshin ran off the cliff to get it. West watched the god do a belly flop into the lake below. The waves caused the fish to go wild. North Kaioshin, who had been fishing, got up and started yelling at South for scaring the fish away.

East Kaioshin joined West Kaioshin at the cliff’s edge and looked down. South Kaioshin was crawling out of the water with the rice ball in his hands. “He’s such a good target,” West said.

“You’re so mean at times,” East said still laughing.

“I know.”

“I got it though!” South Kaioshin called up.

“I don’t know why you let yourself fall like that. You should’ve just flown down to get it!” West called down to him. Both West and East Kaioshin appeared at the bottom of the cliff. Dai Kaioshin sat nearby eating food. North Kaioshin sat back down and cast his fishing line back into the water, and West Kaioshin started walking away. A few minutes later screaming could be heard from behind them. They all turned around in shock.

“The servants have just been killed,” South Kaioshin yelled out.

Just as he said that, a cloud of dust rose up where West Kaioshin was. When the dust cleared, the others saw West Kaioshin fighting a short pink guy with white pants. West Kaioshin hit the evil being hard, but that was all she got. Though she tried hard, the evil one threw her into a mountain. As she started to look up, the pink man fired at blast at the mountain, ending the life of West Kaioshin.

“West Kaioshin!” East yelled.

“It must be Buu,” North Kaioshin said as a sword appeared in his hand. The old Kaioshin lunged at Buu with his sword, but his effort was useless. It wasn’t long before the evil tyrant destroyed the Kaioshin of the North.

“Oh no! North Kaio!!” East Kaioshin yelled.

“Don’t worry, East. I won’t let him go any farther,” South Kaioshin said in anger. “Buu, your evil stops here!” South Kaioshin appeared in front of the small pink demon. South was doing very well with the fight. He was giving Buu a lot of trouble.

“Keep going, South,” East Kaioshin cheered.

South Kaioshin watched as Buu went flying into the air. He smiled and shot a beam up at Buu. When the dust cleared, the three remaining Kaioshins saw that Buu was still alive, but missing one arm. Buu landed on the ground in front of South Kaioshin. The god smiled thinking he had the upper hand. However, Buu proved him wrong. The demon absorbed the strong god into his own being. A massive transformation took place. Buu now was much taller, and much stronger.

“I guess it’s my turn,” East Kaioshin said. He jumped up at Buu. He gave everything he had, but it wasn’t enough. Now that Buu had South Kaioshin’s power, Buu was practically an unstoppable force. Buu easily knocked the short god around. It came to the point where the god couldn’t even defend himself. Buu kicked him into the air, appeared above him and hit him down again. East Kaioshin landed on his stomach on a pile of rubble.

Buu walked over to the badly hurt god who had trouble looking up at the evil one. Buu held his hand out and an energy beam started to form in his palm. The blast was released and East Kaioshin closed his eyes. When he opened them, he saw Dai Kaioshin standing in front of him. The god had deflected Buu’s blast, thus saving East Kaioshin’s life.

Now it was Dai Kaioshin’s turn to fight. He didn’t wait another second before sending his own blast attack at Buu. Buu blew apart into a million pieces. Dai Kaioshin took a sigh of relief. However, much to his dismay, the tiny pink pieces started to come together again. “It can’t be…” Dai Kaioshin said. The pieces started taking form. Buu had put himself back together again. Neither Dai nor East Kaioshin could believe what they were seeing. Buu laughed and started absorbing Dai Kaioshin into his being; just like he did with South Kaioshin.

“Dai Kaioshin!” East Kaioshin yelled with the little strength he had left. A much fatter Buu stood in front of him. East Kaioshin knew this was his end and waited for the monster to release the final blow.

“Well done, Buu,” said a small man.

East Kaioshin looked up. “Bibidi…” he whispered.

“I’m hungry,” Buu exclaimed. It seemed that he totally forgot about the half dead god behind him.

“We can go home and have some cake if you’d like,” Bibidi suggested.

“Oh boy! Cake!” The evil Buu started dancing around with happiness. Bibidi couldn’t believe that Buu actually listened to what he said.

East Kaioshin lay on the ground watching Buu jump around like a child. He didn’t know what was going on or what was going to happen. Then suddenly Bibidi and Buu disappeared. East Kaioshin was now alone on Kaioshinkai. He struggled to move, but it was no use. He didn’t have an ounce of strength left in him, and there was no one around to help him. At that moment, the god wished he never was what he was. He put his head on the ground and closed his eyes. He wasn’t sure if he’d die because of his life power, but all he wanted was for his pain to end.

Not far from where East Kaioshin laid, Shiriki, the servant of Dai Kaioshin, who was barely alive himself, was struggling to get to his feet. He had a feeling that the gods had been defeated. He hobbled a little until he reached the top of a hill. He fell to his knees and looked around. He didn’t see anything. Just as he was about to give up and die, he saw someone lying on the ground. He couldn’t tell who it was, and he wasn’t in any condition to help. The only thing he could do was teleport to the closest planet he could think of.

The servant appeared on a street on the Kaio planet. His strength was dwindling quickly, so he made sure to hurry while there was still time. As he crawled down the street he was confronted by two old women, one of whom he met a long time ago. “Please help…” Shiriki said weakly.

A grayish haired woman kneeled down in front of him. “What happened to you?” Both women helped the servant sit up.

“One of them is still alive…please. You must help him, I can’t.”



“Kaioshin?” The other woman gasped.

“Suki, I think we should help,” the other one said.

“But do you think it’s safe, Miya?” Suki asked.

“I don’t know. But if a Kaioshin needs help, we must go. Take us to them,” Miya said to the servant.

“Thank…you…” He held both their hands and brought them to Kaioshinkai with his last breath. When they got to the gods’ planet, Shiriki recognized the grayish haired woman. “You…your son…”

Miya looked at him. “What do you know about my son? Wait a minute…you’re the man that took him that night.” Just as Miya finished her sentence, Shiriki’s head grew heavy in her hands. “He’s dead…” Miya said to Suki.

“Where do you think the Kaioshins are?” Suki asked looking around.

“I don’t know.” Both of them walked around, keeping their eyes pealed for anyone they might see. After walking for about five minutes, they came to a lake where a fishing pole laid half in the water. “There!” Miya pointed to a small body lying amongst rubble.

They ran over to the body and looked at him. “Is he still alive?” Suki asked.

Miya felt for a pulse. “Yes…” She turned him over and looked at his familiar face. “This is the one that bought a box from my husband. He looks the same as he did back then…he must be one of the Kaioshins.”

“Take his shoulders,” Suki said. She picked up his legs and they carried him off the rubble and put him on the grass. Miya went over to the lake. She took off her apron and soaked it in the water. She returned to the god and wiped away some of the blood on his face. As Miya did this, Suki untied the sash around his waste to give his body air.

“I wonder what happened,” Suki said.

“I don’t know, but it must have been terrible.” Miya pushed the white hair out of the god’s face. When she did this, she couldn’t help but feel his hair. “Just like Migikai’s…”


“Nothing.” Miya continued to clean the wounds the god had on his head. She looked at his purple face and it hit her. This man was just like her son, from the texture of his hair to his coloring. Miya needed to know for sure. For years Miya wondered what happened to her son. She rolled the apron into a ball and placed it under his head. Then she moved down to his feet and removed his left boot.

“What are you doing?” Suki asked.

“I thought I saw blood,” Miya lied. She gently turned his foot and saw what she actually didn’t expect to see. A very small birthmark was on his left ankle. “Oh my…” She put her hand over her mouth and tears came to her eyes.

“What? What is it?” Suki said.

Miya put the boot back on and moved over to lift his head in her arms. “My little boy…” she said quietly.

“Your what?”

“Please don’t tell anyone. But this is my son…he has the same birthmark Migikai had.”

Suki looked at her with a confused expression. “You never told me your son was a Kaioshin.”

“Because I didn’t know.” Miya held the unconscious East Kaioshin’s head in her arms and stroked his hair.

* * *

On another planet situated far from Kaioshinkai, was the Grand Kai’s planet. He was the highest god next to the Kaioshins, and was the only god that lived on his planet. He stood on a hill just outside his mansion. Usually the Grand Kai was never sitting still, but now he had his attention focused on the evil that hit Kaioshinkai. “Kibito!” He called out.

The tall pink man that East Kaioshin had fought against in his training came up behind the Grand Kai. “You called, sir.”

“Kibito, have you felt the disturbance on Kaioshinkai?”

“I have sir.”

“I don’t feel any of the Kaioshins’ life energy. I fear something terrible happened to them all. Kibito, I want you to go there and find out what happened,” the Grand Kai ordered.

“Yes, sir,” Kibito bowed then teleported to Kaioshinkai. He appeared not far from where the two old ladies cared for East Kaioshin. “Step aside,” he said in a gruff voice.

“Who are you?” Miya asked.

“I am from the Grand Kai’s planet.” Kibito knelt down next to the unconscious Kaioshin lying before him. “Thank goodness he’s still alive.” Kibito placed his hand on Kaioshin’s chest and a gold light appeared around the god’s body. A few seconds later, Kibito took his hand away.

East Kaioshin’s eyes opened and he sat up quickly. “What happened?”

“I healed you,” Kibito said.

“The others…where are they? Did you find them?” East Kaioshin asked.

“I’m afraid you’re the only one left,” Kibito said helping the god to his feet.

Miya and Suki looked on in shock. Never had they seen someone heal someone else like now.

“Buu…he must never do such a thing again,” Kaioshin said holding tight fists. Then he noticed the two women. “Thank you for your help,” he said.

“You’re welcome,” they said.

“Will you be okay?” Kibito asked.

“Yes, thank you, Kibito. I don’t think Buu will return here.”

“Then if you’ll excuse me, I will return to the Grand Kai’s planet.” Kibito bowed and left.

Miya stared at Kaioshin. She loved to finally hear his voice now that she knew who he was. “Migikai…” she said softly.

Kaioshin turned to her. “I’m sorry, but I’m not Migikai. I am East Kaioshin.”

“Of course, forgive me.” Miya said. “It’s just that you look just like my lost son.”

“Your son will never be lost as long as you love him,” Kaioshin said with a smile.

Miya looked at that smile and smiled herself. “You’re right, thank you.”

“I don’t know what I can do to reward either of you. I could have died if it wasn’t for you.”

“We really didn’t do anything,” Suki said.

“You did a lot. The only thing I can do is make it known to your planet that you helped a Kaioshin and make you wealthy women. If you’ll accept that is,” Kaioshin said.

“That’s very kind,” Miya said looking down to the ground. Kaioshin brought them back to the Kaio planet. He brought Suki to her home, and Miya to hers.

“Thank you again,” Kaioshin said half bowing to her.

“No, thank-you,” Miya said. “You brought back my most precious memories. And seeing you helped me believe that my son is still around.” Kaioshin smiled, thanked her again, and left. Miya remained on her doorstep for some time afterwards. Finally she opened the door and went inside. She went to her room and picked up a framed picture on her dresser. “My Migikai is a Kaioshin. I can’t believe it. Oh, Keikan…if only you were able to see our son now. You’d be so proud of him. Too bad Migikai wasn’t old enough to remember us…” A tear escaped her eye as she placed the picture down again.

* * *

Kaioshin returned to Kaioshinkai to find Kibito standing before him. “Kibito,” he said in surprise.

“The Grand Kai thought it would be best if I stay here to protect you from harm if something were to happen again. If you do not need me, then I’ll leave.”

“No, please stay. I’ll be lonely here all by myself. Welcome to Kaioshinkai.”

About ten years later Kaioshin was able to locate the wizard, Bibidi. Buu had just destroyed another planet and was heading to a planet called Earth. Kaioshin made sure to follow the wizard and his evil creation to put an end to his rein of terror once and for all. Kaioshin and Kibito appeared on Earth just as Bibidi arrived.

“You,” Bibidi said. “I would have thought that you died after my Majin Buu beat you up. No matter. I’ll release Majin Buu and finish you off now.”

“No you won’t,” Kaioshin said sternly. “Bibidi, it is you that will be finished off.” At that instant, Kibito appeared behind the wizard and grabbed his arms. Bibidi tried to free himself, but before he could do so, Kaioshin fired a blast at the wizard, ending the tyrant’s life forever.

Kaioshin and Kibito looked at the egg Majin Buu was in. “Not even Bibidi could control him,” Kaioshin said. “But now that Bibidi is gone, Buu is no threat if he is confined to that egg.”

“You’re not going to destroy it?” Kibito asked.

“No. There’s no need. We will leave it here and bury it. That way no one will ever find it. Buu cannot get out anyway, so the universe is safe once again.” Kaioshin and Kibito brought the Majin Buu egg to a high mountain and buried it far under the ground.

“Let’s go,” Kaioshin said calmly and turned to leave.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


Many years later, Kaioshin of the East became aware of Babidi, the son of the evil wizard Bibidi. Before then, he thought no one was able to release Majin Buu except Bibidi. Not wanting the universe to suffer again, Kaioshin went to planet Earth to ask for the help of the Saiyan Goku and his friends. After a long and troublesome battle, the Z warriors of Earth were able to defeat Majin Buu and Babidi. The victims that had fallen to Majin Buu were finally able to rest in peace.

East Kaioshin had gone through more than almost any other Kaioshin in history. From being taken from his parents when he was a year old, to becoming the highest god, and to live through Buu’s attacks only to live through the horror again. East Kaioshin now lives peacefully on Kaioshinkai after being permanently fused to his friend and bodyguard, Kibito. Through all of this, he had never forgotten the women that helped him that dreadful day, though he didn’t even realize that she was just doing a mother’s job.

*The End*