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bye, Makota
*Warning-Explicit Yaoi Content*

I feel like I've been roaming these desolate lands forever. My body, broken by one, no ...I won't think of that. My rage, my despair is already too great. I must not let it deter me, though it threatens my very core. I must find him. He is our only hope....I waver....How could I have let this happen!!! I should have acted sooner, but in my arrogance.....I thought we had time. What a fool. How doomed is a realm when it's own deities fail to comprehend the enormity of a situation? What a failure! My ancestors would never have let something like this happen. I didn't anticipate these mortals, however. I didn't' anticipate their monstrous power, nor their monstrous appetites for could you?...I felt the struggle inside you, you let yourself be taken to achieve the goal, or should I say curse, that has been haunting you for over a decade. But you held on, you held on to the one thing that mattered to you in all of creation. Never, never did you let them slip from your mind, and it was for them that you died. But too late....your actions already released Buu, nothing, not even sacrificing your life could repair the damage you and Goku have caused....but you aren't to blame...if it were not for... I stumble and land on my already bloodied knees. Pointless, these thoughts are pointless! I must move on......I know he's still alive, that child of fate, at least I hope...I place my hand on the ground and try to boost myself good. I land flat on my back, staring at the sky. He must live....I've never seen one so simply pure with such strength. His heart and soul are clean and his head is clear...even more so than his father, for he has no lust for battle. He is genuine, and as perfectly good as a mortal can hope to get. I will find him...I will show him.....I will make him mine.... "Gohan"

"What in the world?" Kibito took in his surroundings in utter confusion. He was suppose to be dead, Dabura saw to that. He looked over the cliff face he was standing on and pondered on this situation when he suddenly felt his master's ki flicker. Without a second thought to his miraculous recovery, Kibito took to the air in search of the God of gods.

Babidi paced furiously. "How dare they!" He regarded Buu with a mix of pride and anger. He had to practically beg the demon to heal him. In fact the only way he had managed to sway him was with the threat to return him to his prison. With a snarl he turned from the pink figure and concentrated on the three people who managed to invoke his rage. A Namekian and two children. What a joke. Well he'd have his revenge. He focused himself and through the mist of magick wove the necessary strands to reach every individual on the planet. He sent the picture of the triad, along with a clear message of what would happen to the planet if these three were not found and given to him. That done, he motioned to Buu and they took a straight flight towards the city. This sounded simple enough, but as Babidi found to his displeasure, straight to the city meant straight through the trees, trains, mountains, buildings or whatever else happened to be in Majin Buu's way. After a brief journey that seemed to take hours, the sorcerer placed a shaky foot on the ground, thankful he was alive. With a nasty look to his oblivious companion he turned to look at his surroundings. There were people, everywhere. With a wicked grin he raised his hand and the havoc began...

"Gohan, Gohan wake up." The voice drifted through his sub-conscious like a dove in the wind. He smiled at the sound of it, it was warm, light, and filled him with joy. He wasn't surprised to see the face of the Supreme Kai when he finally opened his eyes, only a divine being could have a voice so sweet. However he didn't know where he was or why he was still alive. "Wha..Where am I?" He muttered with a bewildered look upon his face. The elven deity smiled, but it was the over-looming Kibito that answered him. "You are on the Supreme Kai's planet, not even the lower kais have dared to trod here. Why you, a mere human, is here is beyond me... Kaio Shin raised a hand to silence him. "Enough," he said gently, "Gohan is our only hope now. It's essential that he be here." The young demi-saiyan looked on in confusion, but he didn't bother to comment on it as his eyes fell upon the landscape. His breath was stolen from his lungs. The plains were painted in hues of purple casting the planet with an eternal twilight. The mountains rose and fell on the horizon and seemed to go on forever. "It's beautiful." The illustrious god smiled and held a slender hand out to the youth. "Come, Gohan, there is much to show you."

I take his hand...'HIS' hand I should put it...the Kai of kais. What does a god want with me? I remind myself to ask him soon. Now he seems content to take me to this sacred mountain....aren't all of these mountains sacred? They are on the Supreme Kai's planet after all. I catch Kibito staring at me with a frown upon his face. I don't think he cares much for me.

"Those clothes are unsuitable for a place such as this."

Yep...definitely hates my guts. He didn't bother to mask it in his tone. I'm tempted to tell him that I didn't ask to be brought here. I'm sorry if I'm not in pristine condition after battling the Lord of Demons and then having the snot beat out of me by Buu. Tempted to yell indeed, but that would be rude, after all he is divine in his own rights. So I give him an uneasy smile and make a light excuse. He sneers at me...and suddenly I'm surrounded by white light. Wow! New clothes! He can do the same trick Piccolo does. I look up with a grin to notice that Kaio Shin is smiling at me. He gives me a nod of approval and turns his head back to the wind. I waver in the air, filled with a sense of awe....again, why me?

The Zed sword....

Legends and myths were brought to birth here on these mountains the day the sword struck the stone. Never to wield, never to move, this blade has stood the ages awaiting the day for the one with the power to pull it free. Many had tried before; those of faith and those of strength, but all had failed. No one, not even the Supreme Kai could touch upon this ancient relic, and he dared not try. It was not for GodS, and this he knew well. A mortal of pure heart and mind with unspeakable strength is whom this sword was meant for, and now it lay in the hands of one such individual. Kibito gaped in awe "H..How?!?" Gohan shrugged. "It was kinda hard to get it to budge, but a few good tugs and out it came!" The guardian stood sputtering in disbelief as the demi-saiyan walked past him with an innocent grin upon his face. "So this is what you wanted me here for? To pull out this sword?" Kaio Shin nodded "Yes, that weapon you hold is very special, Gohan. I brought you here because this may be the last chance we get to defeat Majin Buu." He closed his dark eyes, "I can already sense the amount of destruction he has caused. So many are suffering at his hands." He slowly opened his eyes that bored like stakes through the younger man. "You were meant for that sword, Gohan. You will learn to use it and you will defeat Babidi and Buu. Do you understand?" He was silent for a moment, shaken by the deity's tone of left no room for questioning, so he simply nodded. "Good," he turned to his faithful servant, "Kibito, leave us, I wish to train him myself." The large man was loath to obey and nearly protested, but the look on his master's marble face was unshakable. He grunted and stoically turned and took his departure on the wind. Shin's liquid black eyes followed him until his form disappeared on the horizon. With an uneasy voice the youth spoke, "Um, Lord Shin, I mean no disrespect, but I already know how to use a sword." Amusement flickered across the lavender tinted face of the Kai. "Oh do you? Well let's see how you fare against me." He fully faced the fighter, "Strike me down." Gohan's eyes flew open. "W..what!?! I couldn't do that!" "And why not?" "It isn't right, you're a god!" Light lyrical laughter filled the crisp air. "Are you afraid of hurting me?" "Well yes, I mean's just that...well, it's not right, it's disrespectful." Gohan stammered as he fidgeted with the weapon in his hand. A light smile graced Shin's face and he sighed. "Listen," he said softly, "you are not going to harm me, I simply want to see how skilled you are with that blade." The mortal warrior smoothed a black lock out of his eyes and then regarded the radiant being before him. He didn't want to admit that raising a violent hand to the Kai made him sick in the stomach. He couldn't understand how anyone, even the most depraved of villains could look at this creature with anything other than awe and devotion. He thanked whatever Fate had granted him the worthiness to be in such an ethereal presence. After a few more minutes he raised the sword in an arch and without warning brought the silver blade down. It was knocked out of his hand before he could reach mid-swing. Blade over hilt the ancient Zed sword hurled through the air to plunge itself into the rich soil so far below them. "Er, guess I need some work, huh?" The Supreme Kai raised an eyebrow and simply nodded. "We do not have time to waste, Gohan. You must master the sword as soon as possible. Come now, let us begin your training."

As time was immeasurable in a place such as this, Gohan didn't know how long he had been training with the Supreme Kai. The way his body ached it felt like it had been days, yet only seemed like a few hours at most. He did admit, however, that the Zed sword was much easier to handle now than when he began. Slicing through the air like a quiet and deadly whisper he whirled the silver edge around his head then struck down. It made solid contact with the foreign blade that came to meet it. The sheer power of the Zed sword shattered the steel of the katana blade that Kaio Shin held in his slender hands. Before anything further could occur the Elven God raised a hand to halt the battle. "That is enough. You've done well, Gohan, very well, but let's rest awhile, shall we?" The classic Son smile graced the young man's lips, as he was overjoyed at the prospect of sitting on his rump for awhile. He carefully placed the sword of old upon the ground and without much elegance fell backwards to take a place beside it. Shin chuckled at his student's childish behavior as he too took a seat on the ground. "Woo..I'm tired, I thought my arm was going to fall off." The deity laid back and shut his eyes, "I'm sure you are," he said, "I'm sorry I had to push you like that, but it was needed." "I know." He frowned at the thought of the upcoming battle. Would there never be peace? He would never know the answer to that question . Yet, perhaps the being next to him would. The demi-saiyan was smart enough to know not to ask that question right out, for he would never receive an answer. He put the thought out of his head, but a new question rose up. Would the Supreme Kai know the answer? If not him, then who? How much was there to the hierarchical ladder that was the otherworld? This beautiful deity next to him was suppose to be on the top rung, yet how did he not know of Buu and Babidi sooner than he did? Questions such as these assaulted his tired brain, without quite realizing what he was doing,

"What is like to be the Supreme Kai?"

The question startled the slender Kai, as he cracked open an eye to glance at his companion. He slightly smiled. "What is it like to be mortal?" Gohan's brows knitted together in thought, not sure how to respond. Shin chuckled, "It's not an easy question to answer is it?" The youth smiled and shrugged. "Guess you got me there. I was just wondering what it's like to be the Kai of kais, what it feels like to really create something." Without opening his eyes, "I never created anything, those are the other GodS, they are the great mystery, who are unattainable. I, however, am the keeper of the balance. I watch over the worlds making sure that the dark and light powers meet each other on equal terms." "Sounds like a lot of stress." "Yes, very much so." "So what do you do to relieve it?" the youth said regarding him intently admiring the lounging figure. "I have my ways." The Kai suddenly propped himself on his shoulder, "Why are you so inquisitive?" "Oh," Gohan blushed, "I suppose I was simply trying to make conversation." The Kai held his breath as he watched the young man nervously fiddled with the blades of grass beneath him. He was so innocent so pure, he was everything he wanted...needed right now. From time to time he needed to maintain the balance within himself, and Gohan was the key.

The way in which the figure next to him was staring, the demi-saiyan felt as if he had done something wrong to deserve such scrutiny. He opened his mouth to apologize, but a slender finger met his lips. "No apologies needed." Without removing his finger, Shin edged closer until he was eye-level with the youth. "Do you really want to know how I 'relax' Gohan?" Something dormant welled up within him as he stared into the kai's eyes. Not only his eyes, but that finger on his lips tasted of honey, he fought the urge to take the digit into his mouth. He felt his heartbeat increase and his blood rush to the lower half of his body. Something was pulling at him from beyond which he couldn't explain if he tried. The rational part of his brain was screaming at the inappropriateness of his reaction to the Kai's close proximity. But for some reason his rationalism was muddled, spellbound almost. Shin's mesmerizing eyes held the youth captive while words of fire spilled from his perfect lips. "You see, child, in order to maintain balance, I myself must be balanced. So I draw those near to me of the greatest of purity. With all of the destruction that has been going on in the universe hear of late, I'm off equipoise." His black eyes danced and the youth could not tear away from them if he tried. "Do you understand why I brought you here, now? It wasn't just for the sword. I need you and your purity of soul, I need to share it with you." He ran his free hand through the demi-Saiyan's thick black hair, all the while leaning in to in inhale his sent. " innocent, so whole heartily good. It's been so long since I've met another like you, you are as perfect as a mortal can hope to be." He looked sincerely into his captors eyes. "Do you understand what I ask of you?" Gohan looked deeply into the eyes that held him so. Slowly he opened his mouth to speak, but no words came forth. Instead he took the Kai's finger into his mouth, lightly sucking on it. It did taste like honey, much to the youth's surprise and he started to suck vigorously, the taste flooding his mouth and enflaming his being. Suddenly he felt his pants grow tighter around his groin. The Kai, on the other hand moaned deep in his throat. He let the warrior play a while as his mouth moved to each finger sucking lightly, slowly moving to the palm to plant small kisses of reverence. "I am yours, Supreme Kaio Shin, to do with as you wish." He muttered between kisses. A small smile graced Shin's lips as he cupped the warrior's chin in his hand, the carefully brought the boy's face to his own and captured his lips. Gohan's mind exploded upon the contact, the taste....the taste was indescribable. All he knew was that he couldn't get enough of it, and the feeling that accompanied it was driving him mad. His clothing was now intolerably uncomfortable. Without thought of what he was doing he ripped them from his body. Naked and prone he kneeled before the Kai, slowly and carefully removing Shin's clothing. His manhood was throbbing to the extent that it was painful, demanded relief. Never had he been so aroused, it was clouding all coherent thought, he was in rut. The Kai was the only thing in existence that could provide relief. Finally he stripped the divinity of his clothing and looked upon him. He shuddered in awe, the Kai was sculpted perfectly. Compact and lithe, the Saiyan wanted nothing more than to run his hands and touch that pale lavender tinted skin, to taste it, to absorb it. Shin looked on in amusement, as his desire too began to peak. The ruddy sent of the youth was more than tantalizing and he brought up the mortal again to drink from his divine lips. Shaking, the fighter reached down to stroke the Kai's prone and rigid manhood. A daring move on Gohan's part, but it was well received. A moan broke from Shin's lips as he crushed himself harder into the taller demi-saiyan. "Taste of me, child" he breathed into his lover's ear. With a groan of hunger, the Supreme Kai was pushed to the ground as the young man's mouth made it's way from the delicate collar bone southward. He withered on the ground in pleasure, enjoying the mortal's tongue on his over-heated body. Suddenly he felt a warm wetness elope his swollen shaft, his head shot back and his dark eyes rolled. The youth took in as much of the Kai as he could, the taste was intoxicating, with each sweep of his tongue he could feel his own erection become harder. It wasn't long before he felt himself curl into a ball, he was so aroused. Barely able to move, he felt a hand upon his forehead pushing him off. He wanted to protest, the taste was too addicting, but if he kept his up any longer he felt as if he would burst. He let the hand guide him upwards as he whimpered from the movement, he needed relief NOW. This was on the verge of excruciating, tears welled up on his eyes. "Ah, poor dove. That's what happens when you taste too much." Gohan choked, the desire was overwhelming. "P..Please" he begged. The Kai gave him a kind smile. "I'm not one to cause such suffering," he pulled the youth on top of him, spreading his legs in the process, "there now, quench your thirst." Gohan gave a sob of gratefulness as he plunged within the divinity beneath him. With that thrust the whole universe melted away in a shock of white. Shin moaned in ecstasy as the youth began his desperate propulsions. Waves of pleasure rocked him as he felt himself meld with the essence of the young man above him. Gohan on the other hand was lost to all thought and all reality, wildly he thrust into the Kai without regard or care. Never had he felt so carnal, and he was enjoying every minuite of it. He felt his release building up and reacted to it by pumping into his lover even harder. Shin's skin began to glow a pale golden color...this was what he needed, and he was about to get it. Without warning, Gohan's ragged breathing became even more uneven as he slammed his hips down one final time, a loud and tearing yell ripped from his throat as he felt him self burst within the Kai of all kais. The golden glow intensified and surrounded them both as Shin gave his own scream.....then all went black.

Too much....too much. I smile, well my little one it seems you had more innocence than I bargained for. But I thank you, as I think of how I left you, asleep in the grass, resting peacefully. When you awake you will remember nothing of this, and I will be gone. Kibito will further your training with the Zed sword. I have my own battle to fight first. As we trained in warfare and in pleasure, Babidi was causing havoc upon the Earth.... I had to stop him, and so I face him now. Buu is still yours, and for you child, I wish you the best of luck and faith. But perhaps with Babidi out of the way the task may be a bit easier.

"You damned bastard!!! You killed my father and now me! But you're too late, you failed Kai! Buu is released and he will kill you all, no one can escape no one!!" The dying sorcerer ranted and raved kicking at the godling who held him by the throat, but it was to no avail, his life was being crushed from him. Shin looked on him with disgust. "You're soul is tainted, I almost pity you for what they will do to you in Hell." A low chuckle emanated from his cracked bloodied lips. "Hell you say?" Shin narrowed his eyes and gave one final squeeze, the sorcerer gagged and went limp but with his final breath.. "Papara pa!"

The world spun at a sickening rate. Shin had to shut his eyes to keep from loosing his balance at the sickening pace. When he opened them, he found himself in a dark mountainous area. A desolate area which seemed to span for all eternity. Shadows of black and blue painted the area with a coldness that seemed both cruel and despairing. "Where in the Hell am I?" "Exactly" a cold voice said directly behind him. Shin whirled, upon finding the owner of the voice his eyes grew round. The voice kept speaking. "It's a pity when a godling doesn't know their own realms is it not?" "F..Frezza" "Ooh, you remember me. I'm impressed, I would expect you to be forgetful of those you send to this," he motioned around him, "paradise." Shin smirked. "You can't honestly tell me that you didn't expect to come here." Frezza crossed his pale arms and chuckled. "Of course not, but then again, I always knew I'd find a way out." And with that he charged the Supreme Kai full force.

10 minutes later.

The Kai through the battered formed of Frezza against the cliff face pinning him with his hand. "Now, that was stupid. You knew that was stupid. To attack the Supreme Kai? Really Frezza. I knew you were a tad unbalanced but I didn't think you an idiot." At first the changeling didn't respond, just glared in utter hatred, finally, "Anything to cause you pain, even if it means my utter destruction, anything to escape." This only amused Kaio Shin, "So it was out of desperation, or maybe something more?" Furious at his assumptions, he spit a mouthful of blood on the pristine Kai's face. Sure that this would either infuriate him or shock him, the tyrant got ready to make his move. However, the Kai didn't respond, well not in the way he expected. A wide, and dare I say sinister grin cracked upon his face. "Oh, you're something aren't you? To spit upon my face? That takes unbelievable daring." The Kai moved in closer and took a deep breath "Oh yes....yes you're perfect." He dipped his head and licked a trickle of blood that had run down the changeling's chin. Frezza's eyes shot wide, from that little bit of contact, he didn't like the way this battled had turned, not one bit. He began to struggle but found to his dismay that he couldn't move, he opened his mouth to protest, but a honeyed finger was placed on his lips. "You know Freeza, I surround my self with pure beings. I must, in order to obtain balance in the universe. And are of such purity......such dark dark purity. You are what I need to maintain the scale, I've already dipped into the light, and it's your turn...what do you say?" A big "fuck you" was about to escape his mouth, but then the deity caught his eyes with his own, those dark hypnotizing, bottomless eyes. He couldn't tare away from him no matter how hard he tried, and after a few minutes his own lids grew heavy and his mouth parted accepting the offer of the Kai.

*The End*