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Hair color-White

Eye color-Black

Skin color-Light purple


Age-About 1000 years old (In god years)

Weight-About 102 Pounds

Occupation-Supreme Kai (Highest ranking god)

Kaioshin has the most important job in the universe, he's the most highest ranking god. In the past he was one of four highest ranking gods. His job then was to look after the East part of the universe, while the other three looked after the South, North, and West parts of the universe. But then Boo appeared, killing the other three Kaioshins, and barely leaving our Kaioshin alive. Kaioshin got his revenge by killing Bibidi (the wizard that created Boo) and sealing Boo up in a ball. Kaioshin and his loyal servant Kibito then buried the ball containing Boo in the middle of the Earth, thinking no one could ever resurrect him. After the incident, Kaioshin was left alone on his planet. Only Kibito was there to give him company. And of course, being a god, he wasn't allowed to date. Kaioshin has spent most of his life without love or anyone there to hold him through his stressful times. But our lonely god has managed. Although, years after the incident with Boo, a new threat rose. It was Babidi (Bibidi's Son). He sought out to revive Boo from his imprisonment within the ball. Now Kaioshin's worst fears had been recognized, Boo, the evil he had been so deathly afraid of, had a chance of living again. With this in mind, Kaioshin and Kibito traveled to Earth, where the Z fighters, unknowingly, would help our god save the universe. Later in the Dragonball Z series, Kaioshin fuses with Kibito using the Potara Earrings, thus becoming Kibishin! As you can see, our Kaioshin has had a pretty exciting life. The only thing missing was love, but all us loyal Kaioshin fans can change that, right? ~.^